About Us

Fusion Tech is a Croatian based provider of Custom Software Development & Technology Management with IT professionals located internationally.

We’ve been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to midsized and large companies in Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Financial Services and other industries down to advising small start-up companies guiding them to success.

With the background rooted in science, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it dynamically in the areas of Collaboration, CRM, Data Analysis, VoIP and Information Security. During this journey, we have worked with industry leaders in both the software and hardware world, so that our own clients can benefit knowing we have the knowledge from these high-level networks which in-turn will help boost their businesses.

The core of our client operations is at our Croatian Office, but this is supplemented with a network of satellite offices spread globally, servicing customers in over 30 Countries.

Fusion Tech have been delivering software solutions for middle-market and enterprise customers across multiple target industries including:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Public Sector

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